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Air Conditioning Repair

Our licensed technicians repair all brands and models of AC units in both commercial and residential buildings. Plus, we do it with superior workmanship and stellar customer service.


Furnace Repairs

When you find yourself in need of prompt, dependable furnace and heating repairs, look no further than the HVAC contractors at Albert Brothers Inc. Our team specializes in all aspects of HVAC repairs and updates.


Heating Repair

There are few things worse than being left in the lurch by a faulty furnace, boiler or heat pump when the weather starts to cool down. And when you are shivering, wondering whether or not you’ll ever be comfortable again, remember that getting it working again is as simple as calling (217) 735-9990.

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Heating Replacement

Let’s face it, there are very few things more frustrating for a homeowner than waking up on a cold winter morning and realizing that your home’s heater has bitten the dust and has left you freezing and shivering in its wake. If you want to avoid nasty surprises like this, then you need to call Albert Brothers Inc. today and have our dedicated team carry out a thorough assessment of your heater and to diagnose what the problems is.


HVAC Contractor

Our heating and cooling systems are something we take for granted until they stop working or something goes wrong. It’s funny that what is perhaps the most essential technology that makes our homes livable is also something we pay so little attention to. If you’re guilty of this, don’t worry—pretty much all of us are. But we at Albert Brothers Inc have prepared this list of some warning signs you should be aware of.

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