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Five Signs Your Lincoln, IL Home Needs HVAC Contractors

Our heating and cooling systems are something we take for granted until they stop working or something goes wrong. It’s funny that what is perhaps the most essential technology that makes our homes livable is also something we pay so little attention to. If you’re guilty of this, don’t worry—pretty much all of us are. But we at Albert Brothers Inc have prepared this list of some warning signs you should be aware of.

If the furnace and air in your Lincoln home show any of these worrying symptoms, call Albert Brothers Inc for a heating and cooling systems checkup. We’re one of Illinois’ best heating and cooling contractors, and we can quickly diagnose these common problems.

1) Your Utility Bills Increase

If your power or gas usage stays the same but the associated bills have started going up, something could be wrong with your heating and air conditioning. Depending on what season it is, this could be a sign you need either furnace repair or air conditioning repair, but either way the problem is the same: a dysfunctional system struggling to produce the correct temperature. This symptom tends to be present for a lot of different HVAC issues. Don’t be left in the dark—call a pro!

2) Strange Noises From Your Air Conditioning Unit or Furnace

Furnaces and air conditioning units have come a long way since their early days, but they still both create noise. But the noise should never be obtrusive. If you notice squeaking or ripping or any other worrying sound coming from either your heating or cooling technology, call someone right away, before the problem gets much worse!

3) Odd Smells From the Ventilator

This issue usually affects air conditioning systems. If any part of your A/C system malfunctions, moisture can buildup in the housing and cause mold or bacteria growth. This is then spread by the central air all over your home. This one is no laughing matter and requires air conditioning repair immediately as you can breathe in germs and toxins if it isn’t dealt with promptly.

4) Some Rooms are Hotter Than Others

Temperature variation is normal in a home, especially if your home is on more than one story. But if you’re finding that it varies in a drastic fashion from one room to the next, your heating and air aren’t working as they should. This usually requires furnace repair but call to be sure.

5) It’s Been More Than two Years Since Your Last Inspection

Not all problems are so easily noticed. By scheduling regular checkups with Lincoln’s best HVAC contractors, you can pay a little to avoid paying a lot further down the line when your HVAC system inevitably gives out.

Don’t be caught off guard by an expensive mess or have the bitter Illinois winter catch you by surprise. If you’re in doubt, choose Albert Brothers Inc as your go-to heating and cooling contractors. We promise to always provide the best service at competitive rates. In doubt? Call us today!